Interior Design: What to do Inside Your Custom Home

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What to do inside your custom home

People hear the words “construction” and “build” and immediately their minds go to big equipment, raw materials, power tools—the process of putting up a structure. And they’re right! But our process is called “Design/Build” for a reason, and it’s not just the blueprint of a house. The final design of the interior of your custom home is the main way you and your family, friends, and guests will experience the home for decades.

That is to say, “Design” is as important as “Build.” That’s why this article focuses on the interior finishes for your dream home. These finishes cover essentially everything you’ll see and touch in your home for years to come. Do you want finished wood for your flooring? Tile? Luxury plank? The same question can apply to your walls and ceilings. It’s the look of cabinet doors, countertops, light fixtures, sinks, and faucets, but also pulls, outlets, switch plates—so many things that it can easily overwhelm people. (And what’s listed here is not even close to a complete list!)

That’s why working with an interior designer can make the process so much easier, so much more… fun. You get an expert to help guide you through these choices, one who knows how to take all of the individual things you want and love, and help shape them into a cohesive whole, where each space in your home serves its purpose, and is beautiful in its own way, but makes sense in how one room leads to the next.

Interior designers also typically have a much better and broader network of manufacturers and artisans who can help make your vision a reality. You have more to chose from, but making those choices is easier.

Not sure if you want the advice and guidance of an interior designer on your dream home? Read this guide for more insight as to why you might (or, in some cases, might not!).

What to do inside your custom home.

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