3 Things to Consider When Budgeting Your Build

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Are there any places in the design/build process where I can save money?

There are absolutely places where you can save money on a project. We typically start by reviewing the homeowner’s selections and then consider cost-saving alternatives. One good example is if the homeowner really wants composite decking. No maintenance, long-lasting, it’s great stuff. There are two or three really good brands out there. We would start by pricing out all three, show the homeowner the cost for each of those, and then we would show the homeowner what the cost of the same deck would be in, say, cedar. At that point the homeowner can start making the choices about which products are right for them and how they can put their dollars where they mean the most.

Are there any expenses that surprise people during the design/build process?

We usually find that when we work through the design/build process, the breakdown of what each section costs can be a source of surprise. People assume there’s more value in the physical structure, like the walls and roof, but there is a lot of value in these houses in the selections they make in the interior, from tile to granite to millwork. Even the little things like hardware can add up really quickly to have a dramatic effect on total price, which can definitely surprise people.

While building a home, what things are worth a splurge?

The things that are worth splurging on are really any items the homeowner has a strong feeling about. If there are things they really want in their house, our job is to break down the overall cost of the house so they can surgically put the money where they want it. When this is done we are able to hit the items that are most important to them and make sure they are in the house without compromising quality somewhere else.

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